Vivint Alarm System Review

Vivint alarm systemBilled as the ‘future of residential home security,’ Vivint home security services add new meaning to the term “smart home.” More than just standard home security or monitoring, a Vivint alarm system provides protection while also controlling appliances (and even your door locks), saving you money on electricity and ensuring you’ll never lock yourself out again.

One of the largest home automation companies in North America, Vivint home security operates from offices throughout the United States and Canada with a customer base that’s reportedly passed the 500,000 mark. After receiving the International Customer Management Institute's "Top 50 Call Centers for Customer Service" award and being recognized by Reader’s Digest as one of the "Best Buys" within its home security industry category, Vivint has propelled itself to success by providing advanced products and top-notch service (something of a rarity in the industry if you comparison shop some of the reviews online).

Vivint Go!Control wireless home alarm system

Vivint Go!Control wireless home alarm systemThe easy-to-use Vivint alarm system is the Go!Control panel, a wireless security system that connects all of your home’s systems, including security, HVAC, lighting, small appliances and video. In doing so, subscribers are able to easily monitor and adjust the level of control and security through one simple interface.

Unlike standard home security systems, a Vivint alarm system extends its range of coverage to your entire home and beyond, providing unique alerts and functionality that add a considerable level of value to their services. Some of the most popular upgrades include:

How much does a Vivint alarm system cost?

Many insurance companies provide discounted rates to homeowners who’ve installed home security systems. And with a Vivint alarm system, you can earn discounts that range anywhere from 5-20% depending on the type of policy you have and the insurance company you’re with. This discount often helps to significantly reduce the costs associated with installation and monthly monitoring.

A Vivint alarm system is on the pricier end of the home security spectrum. The Vivint Go!Control panel typically runs around $700 without installation. And depending on the level of monitoring you select – choosing between Vivint’s Security System, Energy Management or Home Automation – you can spend anywhere from $50 to $70 per month. It’s worth noting that if you’re interested in Vivint’s energy-saving features as well as their Jetsons-esque automation functionality, the basic Home Automation package includes all three monitoring packages starting at $68.99 per month – a considerable savings as the Security System and Energy Management packages run $49.99 per month and $57.99 per month, respectively, when purchased alone.

Summary of a Vivint home security system